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What can be said
about 2020?

This past year of COVID affected every person, every organization and every community in a distinct way.

North Coast Land Conservancy was no exception. Much like the rest of the world, we had to reimagine how to function in the short and long term. Yet, one thing stayed the same: NCLC kept me grounded every day.

'Patience of a Squirrel'

As one of our supporters recently said, “You all have the patience of a squirrel, gathering and gathering, day in and day out, until you get the work done.”

Conservation is not just the work of months, or even years; it is about generations. This has been a comforting point of reflection as of late, knowing this too is but a passing moment. Yet what we learn and how we grow from this time of shared yet inequitable hardship will endure.

Despite the daily turbulence and uncertainty of 2020, the nature of our work is relational. It transcends linear time and allows us to always be in the moment while also looking forward and back to maintain perspective.

Our acquisition projects transpire over the course of several years. Take the proposed Rainforest Reserve, for instance: 2020 represented the fourth year of our official five-year campaign, but in actuality, we’ve been gradually moving toward this vision for about 10 years. That decade seems like a long time in some contexts, but our commitment to caring for the Rainforest Reserve, and the work involved, will last forever.

It’s not always flashy and glamorous as we squirrel away on a daily basis, taking measured steps and investing time and energy into the future without seeing the immediate fruit of our labor. Together we harness patience, knowing this steady and conscientious process yields the best results for all. Thank you for supporting and nurturing our coast.

Katie Voelke
Executive Director, North Coast Land Conservancy